Over 50 and pregnant?
Yes, it is possible

Well, being over 50 and pregnant is certainly less common than being pregnant over 40, but it's not impossible, either naturally or with some extra help. There are many things you can do to improve and preserve your natural fertility for longer.

Quite recently there have been some famous cases: in 2011 the Italian pop singer Gianna Nannini had a daughter at 54 and, still in Italy, the TV show-girl and dancer Carmen Russo had her daughter at 53. Both mothers and their daughters are very well.

Read about Gianna Nannini and Carmen Russo mothers over 50 in this article

Some people think it is too late, that these women are selfish, they would be too old when their children grow, or they may die soon, and other negative comments, but I think we cannot judge.

First, some women are still fertile until later in their life, so these cases should be out of question, it's nature who decides. My opinion is that this has to do with a woman's general health and fitness.

On the Internet I read stories of women who unexpectedly found themselves pregnant because they thought or had been told it would have been impossible.

Secondly, people die at any age, we can never know when this will happen. What we can do is keep ourselves healthy and fit to enjoy life, regardless of age.

Other modern stories of women over 50 and pregnant

A woman can get over 50 and pregnant either naturally or even after she has entered menopause, through modern technology, IVF, sperm and egg donors, but this is the subject of another page.

Here are some other interesting articles about women who had a baby when they were over 50.

My 53-year-old mother has had a baby, and it's changed me Article on The Guardian

Why I'm having my first baby at 51 Article on The Guardian

The ancient stories of Sarah and Elizabeth

Since the old times there have been cases of women who got pregnant at an age when they were considered infertile. I'm not particularly religious but I like reading old stories.

In the Bible you can read the story of two women who had children when they were considered too old. We do not have to believe the story in all its details but to me it means that getting pregnant at an older age is something that used to happen.

The story of Sarah

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the founding father of Israelites, who was a hundred years old, while she was ten years younger.

The story tells us that they didn't have children but Abraham was told his wife would have a child. He couldn't believe that she could bear a child at 90 but apparently, it did happen. Sarah would become the mother of Isaac.

The story of Sarah in the Bible

The story of Elizabeth

Elizabeth is another woman mentioned in the Bible with regard to being childless.

Elizabeth was the cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus, and the story says she was married to Zachariahs, who was a priest, but they were childless. One day he had a vision of an angel who announced him his wife would give him a child. He was incredulous because he said he was an old man and his wife too was of advanced age. Some time later Elizabeth was pregnant and had a baby, the future St. John the Baptist.

The story of Elizabeth in the Bible

So, Sarah and Elizabeth are just a way to remind ourselves that unexpected things can happen, as long as we find the right partner.

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Useful websites and readings

www.mothersover40.com Inspiring website with a lot of stories of mums over 40 and fertility tips

www.foresight-preconception.org.uk Boosting fertility naturally, through nutrition, lifestyle changes and avoidance of toxins. They do hair analysis to find out what toxic metals and deficiencies you have that make getting pregnant difficult and then suggest what to do do.

New book claims getting pregnant after 35 is far easier than doctors say Daily Mail article

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