Fertility tips for women and men

Here are some fertility tips that can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant, before considering medical treatments. I like simple explanations as well simple and natural remedies.

Natural fertility tips for Women and Men

You'll find them here with links to other pages if you want to read more.

There are more and more cases of young women (in their 20s, which, according to many doctors, is supposed to be the best age to have children) and men who have difficulties in conceiving.

The official UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimates that infertility affects 1 in 7 (over 14%) heterosexual couples in the UK and these number are increasing. Source

  • 25% of these cases are "unexplained"
  • 30% of problems are found in men
  • 40% of problems are found in both the man and the woman

Why is that?

Stay healthy

I believe our bodies are just getting more and more poisoned.

Basically the woman's body is the environment where a new life will be developing, so it makes sense that it should be the best possible environment to guarantee the baby a happy and healthy growth. But also the the man's body should be the best possible.

It's like having good seeds to sew in a good soil: the result will be a strong and healthy plant with wonderful flowers and fruits.

Studies reveal that many factors affect fertility, both in men and women, the most often cited ones are:

  • Smoking: REDUCES FERTILITY in both women and men, reduces semen quality. Also passive smoking is likely to affect chances of conceiving
  • Drinking alcohol affects semen quality and can harm the developing fetus
  • Use of drugs, including medicinal drugs and so-called recreational drugs or illegal drugs


Those are only the substances that people introduce voluntarily in their bodies, without mentioning all poisons from polluted air, water, soil, pesticides and other chemicals in food and many more.

All these substances damage our bodies in general, therefore making it more difficult to conceive, but it's even more important to realise that they can damage the future baby who is forming in your womb and who is in a very delicate stage of development.

Generally, being in good health will make it easy to conceive and carry on the pregnacy. After all, the woman's body will have to work hard for well more than 9 months to produce, deliver and then nourish a new human being, so it's quite understandable that Nature wants a woman to be fit for the job.

When to have sex

Did you know? There is also something as the right time to have sex to have the best chances of getting pregnant, as a woman is fertile only for a few days every month. This is maybe the simplest of the fertility tips you can apply if you've tried and are wondering about how to get pregnant.

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Useful links for more fertility tips

Read more on some good websites about natural remedies and treatments to improve your fertility, both for women and men.

Foresight Preconception Boosting fertility naturally, through nutrition, lifestyle changes and avoidance of toxins. They do hair analysis to find out what toxic metals and deficiencies you have and then suggest what to do.

Fertility diet An article on how you can support your fertility with food. Many more articles to help getting pregnat naturally and supplements

Natural Fertility Program 8-Step Guide to Become Pregnant Naturally… Safely and the Way Mother Nature Intended!

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Fertility tips for men

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