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Writing a dating profile
is your opportunity to shine!

How do you start writing a dating profile? I guess you are here because you have decided to use one of the many online dating services.

So, make the most of it otherwise I think it's even better not to do anything on dating websites. You'll save your precious time and save yourself the frustration of not getting any replies or very poor ones, if you're lucky. By the way, you can find some tips on how to write you first dating message.

So first see what to avoid when writing a dating profile, I'll show you some real dating profile examples.

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Your dating starts with writing a dating profile

I don't understand why a lot of people seem to give very little importance to how they present themselves on these dating websites. I joined many of them to see how they work and I've seen so many dating profiles so terribly boring! I wondered who would ever reply, but, you never know...

Anyway, it'll be very easy for you stand out if you put a bit of care when writing your dating profile.

This is so important that there are specialised companies that could be writing a dating profile for you now, if you are willing to pay. If you prefer to save your money read this page.

First impression is everything

Everybody knows that the first impression you get about anything is very important if not everything, especially when you meet someone. You want to impress someone for the good reasons not the wrong ones! Also we live in a society where so much importance is attached to appearances! I'm not saying you should lie about yourself, just put yourself into the best possible light. 

On dating websites this is even more important because people can get their first impression only from your photo and what you write in your profile. They cannot really see you, how you move, hear your voice, shake your hand, so it makes sense that you try to convey the best first impression about yourself.

Do you shop on-line?

I guess if you use Internet you have at least visited some on-line shops. Internet dating websites are just another type of on-line shops, they are sort of  "catalogues of people" and you go there shopping on-line for your, hopefully ideal, partner.

Like an online shop, you need to have a lot of

  1. traffic, visitors=people who read your profile.
  2. buyers=people who contact you for a date.

The more visitors you have, the more chances you have that some of them will convert into buyers.

Now imagine a catalogue with product descriptions like the following ones (misspellings by their authors):

  • I havent a clue what to put on here so if you would like to know more please message me i will always reply so ladys come and ask i wont bit and now it say more more lol.
  • I cant think of any thing else to write, but (XY website) says I need to write more. anything you want to know, just ask
  • Will add later? Please let me add later? Maybe now? Obviously not then? Maybe now? This could get repetitive. Woohoo !!!

Do you feel they make you want to buy?

Description should be descriptive, right?

Then, after going through many profiles like those above, when you eventually find some descriptions, see how exciting and actually descriptive they are!

Here are a few examples of "descriptions" of men that I've found many times, not just once!

  • "I'm easy going & down to earth", "honest, laid back", "Nice honest man looking for a nice lady to go out with and spend time with"
  • Nice Guy Looking for Nice lady 
  • honest caring , reliable
  • I am an honest and caring man who is looking to meet someone to spend time with . I am looking to have some fun with someone who can make me laugh and is interested in people and life .
  • Just a nomal down to earth guy, loving, careing, affectionate and easy going...looking for his princess

Apart from being boooring, they are way too generic!

Many of these adjectives are obvious: who doesn't want an honest, nice, caring partner? Who'd say "I'm a bastard, liar, thief, I'll not take care of you!"? Declaring what you are is not enough, prove it!

Also, everybody has different tastes and preferences, what makes you laugh is not the same that makes me laugh. What interests you is not the same that interests me.

How can anyone choose you among thousands of others who all say the same?

Some people do get a bit more descriptive, see what they say:

  • have plenty of my own hair, my own teeth

Thanks God they don't go into more details! I'd have never thought some people would write this if hadn't seen it!

Know what you want

"Ask and it shall be given to you!"

  • I'm not really sure who or what I'm looking for

I'm sure if you go to a restaurant you know what you want. First you decide which type of food you like, whether Indian, English, Chinese, Italian and so on. Then you don't sit there and ask the waiter "Bring me any food!". Well, sometimes you could, but usually you'd choose from the menu to make sure you get what you like. Same thing when you want to buy a car.

What about this:

  • not expecting too much!!

Would you say this to the restaurant owner when asking him for food or buying a car? It would be insulting to them!

Ask a man which car he would like, he'll give you all the details!

So why shouldn't you be as detailed when writing a dating profile, trying to find a partner? Then don't complain you didn't find what you wanted.

Spend some time thinking about what you really like, at least mention a few very important aspects. Do you like him or her

  • black or white?
  • fat or slim?
  • very religious or atheist?
  • wanting babies or not?
  • one who watches TV all day or one who likes being outdoor all the time?

I've realized there is something for everyone, just know what you want and go and find it!

Know what you don't want

If you are confused or not sure about what you want, try and think about what you don't want or don't like so maybe the opposite is what you want.

Ready for your first date?

Before you start writing your dating profile, you should realize that by writing a dating profile and sending it out in the Internet world, you are going out on your first date with thousands of women or men. So you should treat your dating profile like your first date in person or there won't be any!

You'd dress up, be a nice person, interested in your partner, carrying on a pleasant conversation. Do some preparation as if you were going to meet someone in person. Start writing your dating profile with this attitude and keep it all the time. While you write, smile, see yourself talking to your date, telling a bit of your life and what you hope to find or create in your future with your new partner.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The first thing people see about your profile is your photo. If it is not attractive in some way, they won't even be bothered reading your profile.

This doesn't mean that if you are not like a supermodel beauty you can't be attractive. The first thing anyone can do to be more attractive is

  • a sincere smile.

Your first photo should show your face clearly, without other people.

Then, through your photos you can prove all your wonderful qualities instead of just listing them boringly.

Now it's very easy to take decent photos with cheap cameras which even most mobile phones have. You can see the results immediately, so I'd suggest you to ask a friend to take a lot of shots when you are happy doing something you enjoy and then choose the best ones. You could be fishing, cooking, working, doing your favourite sport or hobby etc. This way, you'll also show some of your activities and interests, instead of just saying "I'm a very active person with a lot of interests" (boring!!).

Actually, this has just come to my mind now! You could even create an online dating profile with photos only! on those dating websites that allow you to post more than one. That would be something different from many other online dating profiles and would grab people's attention.

Avoid photos clearly taken by yourself in your bathroom mirror wearing your vest! You wouldn't even put that on your driving licence, would you? So, again, why shouldn't you give the same importance to your dating profile photo?

Prove that you care, by giving importance to your first online date.

Prove what you are, don't say it

Anyone can say "I'm a very nice person" or something like this, but this doesn't really mean anything, even criminals are convinced they are nice. Then you dig a bit and find the real character.

Writing an online dating profile becomes much easier if you say what you do in your life, instead of doing a boring list of qualities, like "I'm up for a laugh", .

From your actions...

From your actions, your character will become evident. For example, you could say "I own three lovely dogs and two cats I rescued from the streets. I also do volunteer work with 'Friends of XY Nature reserve', looking after wildlife" or "I like helping my niece doing her homework."

This way, you've just said that you are "loving, caring, affectionate", that you like nature and being outdoor, in a more interesting way.

Don't waste precious space

In most dating websites, when you search for people, you get a list of men or women showing only their photo, nickname and one or two lines of text from your profile. Don't waste that space!

Those first words are the most important ones, they should attract the reader and make him or her want to click on your profile to read more, to know more about you. 

I read other websites giving dating advice about writing a dating profile and they say you should thank the visitor for reading your profile. I think this is nice, but you can do it at the end, after they've actually read it. First you have to write something so appealing to convince them to read all about you.


Also your nickname or username should be attractive, describing in two or three words what's most characteristic of you. Avoid explicit sexual references, unless you want to attract partners who are only looking for a casual relationship, certainly not if you are dating for a baby and trying to find the right partner for this.

So,  writing a dating profile is not really difficult, keep it simple and real.

  • treat writing a dating profile like your first dateProve that you care
  • say the truth. Lies will come out sooner or later and will ruin the relationship (if you ever managed to start one). Don't waste time. 
  • say what you do and like. This will prove what you are 
  • say what you want, clearly, not generically
  • have great photos of you.

On which dating website can you select potential partners who want to have a baby?

Stop wasting time on many website! Register on those where you can see from a potential partner's profile those who want to have a baby.

Find out which ones they are in our forthcoming guide!

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