Natural Fertility Tips
for Women

Here are some fertility tips for women that can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant, before considering medical treatments. I like simple explanations as well simple and natural remedies.

I recommend you to read this other page about general tips for women and men.

In addition to that, here are some tips for women, very simple thing that you can do and can improve your fertility.

Stay healthy and fit

Generally, being in good health will make it easy to conceive and carry on the pregnacy. After all, the woman's body will have to work hard for well more than 9 months to produce, deliver and then nourish a new human being, so it's quite understandable that Nature wants a woman to be fit for the job.

Having a regular cycle is very helpful when trying to conceive, especially at a later age. However, age is not the only or most important fact about conceiving, much more important in my opinion is how healthy and fit one is.

Some people are "officially" young but in a much worse shape than others who are older but in a much better shape and look younger. I think if somebody's spirit is young, the body is in good conditions, and if the whole body is in good working order, also the reproductive system will work better than the reproductive system of somebody in a bad shape. Read about getting pregnant over 40.

There are more and more cases of young women (in their 20s, which, according to many doctors, is supposed to be the best age to have children) who have difficulties in conceiving.

The official UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimates that infertility affects 1 in 7 (over 14%) heterosexual couples in the UK and these number are increasing. Source

  • 25% of these cases are "unexplained"

Why is that? I'm absolutely convinced it's because of all the poisons we introduce in our bodies and deficiencies caused by poor quality food.

I myself try to do as much as I can to avoid toxic substances but when living in an industrialized society is nearly impossible. The things about which I'm absolutely uncompromising are: no alcohol, no smoke (I've never smoked), no medicines, no artificial sweeteners (aspartame, saccharine etc.).

Check your weight:
not too much, not too little

It may seem that in our time we are obsessed with weight but when trying to get pregnant it really has its importance.

For a woman, being overweight makes it more difficult to get pregnant. Also, in general, it puts a lot of stress on your body, if only because it is like going around all the time carrying a big backpack. Every part of your body has to do some extra work: most joints (especially legs and spine) carry the burden.

Also, once you get pregnant you are going to gain much more weight and you'll have to carry your baby around, so your poor body will have an even heavier workload.

However, being underweight is much worse. When a woman's body has less than about 20% of fat, her body stops producing the hormones necessary for the menstrual cycle and the cycle will stop. No cycle = no ovulation = no pregnancy.

Being underweight, having less that 20% of body fat, causes the body not to produce enough hormone (oestrogen) and stop the woman's cycle and ovulation. Source

What you can do is increase your weight by eating healthy, nutritious food as natural as possible, not just any junk or sugary food.

Check your exercise:
not too much, not too little

We hear and read everywhere that we should do some exercise every day to stay healthy. This is true and I myself like to cycle, walk and go to the gym because it make me feel more energetic, but if you are trying to get pregnant be careful not to exaggerate.

In fact, too much exercise has the same effect as being underweight and can cause your cycle to stop (anovulation).

So, if you are trying to be a good girl keeping fit in view of a pregnancy by going to the gym every day and have problems getting pregnant, bear in your mind these fertility tips. Too much exercise can also make you underweight, for example, like some athletes.

As in most things, the best solution is in the middle, just reduce exercise. Source

When to have sex

Also, you should know when is the right time to have sex to have the best chances of getting pregnant. This is maybe the simplest of the fertility tips you can apply if Read here if you are not sure about how to get pregnant and how a fertility monitor can help you.

Useful links for more fertility tips for women

Read more fertility tips for women and men on some good websites about natural remedies and treatments to improve your fertility.

Foresight Preconception Boosting fertility naturally, through nutrition, lifestyle changes and avoidance of toxins. They do hair analysis to find out what toxic metals and deficiencies you have and then suggest what to do.

Fertility diet An article on how you can support your fertility with food. Many more articles to help getting pregnat naturally and supplements

Natural Fertility Program 8-Step Guide to Become Pregnant Naturally… Safely and the Way Mother Nature Intended!

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